Writing Samples

Thank you for visiting my portfolio and viewing my writing samples. I have been lucky to produce a variety of pieces in my time as a McNair Scholar and Professional Writing & Rhetoric Major at Baylor University

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you! 



Graphic Design, Client Collaboration, Project Management

In this newsletter, Ms. Koziol and two colleagues collaborated with the Piper Center for Family Studies and Child Development. This project included several meetings with clients, e-mails, recommendation memos, progress memos, and teamwork among Ms. Koziol and colleagues over a three month timeline. This newsletter effectively met the desires of the client while also utilizing the expertise of the three authors. The team also designed a logo, merchandise for the logo, and an informative brochure using Adobe InDesign and Canva. These projects adhered to Baylor University brand and style guidelines.

Team Writing, Technical Writing, Project Management

For the upper level technical writing course, Ms. Koziol worked with a team of scholars to conduct a usability assessment of Baylor Libraries. A team charter and task schedule were used to ensure productivity. This assessment was delivered in Feasibility Assessment Report. 

Technical Writing

For the upper level technical writing course, Ms. Koziol created an instruction manual. This instruction manual is on the design process for a social media graphic.


Academic Research Manuscripts

These projects were completed throughout an 11 week summer research program under the Baylor McNair Scholars Program.

Research Abstract

Conciseness is an important skill within both legal and academic writing. This piece demonstrates the authors' abilities to describe a complex project thoroughly within a word limit of 250 words. 

Graphic Design, Presentation of Academic Research

Ms. Koziol presents qualitative analyses of quantitative data in a poster presentation. Ms. Koziol used Microsoft Powerpoint. The print size of the poster spans 48" (width) by 36" (height) and was printed on cloth fabric to make traveling with the poster presentation easier. 

Sociological Analysis of Gender Inequality in America Today

In this essay, Ms. Koziol addresses literature and current events that demonstrate how gender inequality persists in America today.

Sociological Analysis of Immigration & Social Integration in America

In this essay, Ms. Koziol addresses literature and current events that demonstrate the struggles of immigrants who integrate into American society.

Philosophical Academic Writing

The author uses Plato's construction of justice to address the issue of Eugenics in America. The Buck v. Bell Supreme Court case is used to symbolize American Eugenics as a whole. This document demonstrates framework writing as well as comprehension of philosophy. 


Ethnography of the Legal Writing Genre

For this memorandum, Ms. Koziol investigated the writing style of lawyers who practice insurance law. The author addresses patterns found across this genre while also addressing the qualifications and responsibilities of insurance lawyers. A summary of the legal writing process is also included. 

Legal Writing

This is a response statement from a Title IX case where Ms. Koziol acted as an advisor to a Complainant. Some content has been removed to ensure privacy and confidentiality. This response statement demonstrates attention to detail and effective argument skills. 


Opinion Editorial

Ms. Koziol wrote a Lariat Letter on October 16, 2019. This opinion editorial article addressed a social climate survey that Baylor University sent out to all students. This article demonstrates the author's ability in written argument as well as rhetoric. 


Ms. Koziol interviewed Mary Claire Neal to record how women's writing has impacted her as an individual, scholar, and activist. 


Rhetorical Analysis

In this piece, the author synthesizes rhetorical positions with a current event and ethical issue. The rhetorician's theory is used to analyze the current New York Times article in a effective manner. 

Rhetorical Analysis, Argument, & Solution Proposal

In this document, the author analyzes the issue of sexual harassment and proposes a solution. The case for the author's ideal solution is made through effective rhetorical strategies.  

Contemporary Rhetorical Analysis

Ms. Koziol uses a rhetorical analysis of Sen. Jeff Flake's speech to address the political atmosphere in America. This analysis of a speech manuscript is used to make an argument for a mode of political thought.